David Blaine Is A Satanist

In defence of his book title, Christopher Hitchens remarks “God Is Not Great” was simply a reiteration of his own beliefs, not on the whim of a publisher looking to attract a shocked audience. The same, I apologise, cannot be said about my own title – admittedly, book sales is not a worry for me – it is, however, here for a reason. Here is evidence A, and the basis for my entire case…


Optimistic as it may seem, I would have hoped to see “illusionist” – instead we are greeted with what is really just a testament to his own craft – ‘demon’ and ‘satanist’. I sincerely doubt he notices the legions of the superstitionists* and the religious shunning his shows, products or articles, and most likely, as I suggested, actually takes pleasure in seeing his art form cast such a spell – pun intended.

Before I continue, I want to just address the “fake” reference with simply quoting the definition of the word illusionist, “Noun: A person who performs tricks that deceive the eye; a magician.” Not really a fake, dear internet writer, because you were undoubtedly fooled enough to try to tell the world wide web why Blaine is not a stuntman. Moving on (with a faster pace).

As a young boy, I was brought up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and told that David Blaine was possessed, allowed demons and spirits into his soul and was ultimately disgusting in every way. Satan himself was only portrayed as a little worse – Blaine lacked talking-serpent qualities, I suppose. This illusionist, a man who deceives the eye, turns out to be very clever, dedicated and with a mind geared towards self-betterment and inner exploration. Why so much reverence?

Detailing disappointment and pain towards a goal that to many seems pointless.


The video above is relatively telling. Blaine is almost child-like in his shy delivery and strangely meek nature. But I am not a Blaine convert, currently setting up a large tank of water in my room, I post simply because of my own mind-set and how it has been changed. When demons and spirits kept me praying at night, instilled guilt from sinful desires and filled my family’s ghost stories, even to watch this video would have been a sin – now I watch it as an amateur academic. I am free-thinking. No tribe has written a “My God is better than your God” story that controls my life anymore. Blaine, like Derren Brown, Houdini, Copperfield and Angel, are now artists, not soulless wholesalers affiliated only with The Devil.

As Carl Sagan famously remarked, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Blaine is holding his breath and making cards disappear, the religious are claiming to have a book and a message that surpasses time and space, past and future, and all logic and science …. written by nameless tribesman and shepherds.

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